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Tools that can make your development life easier

In this post, we will look into some lesser-known tools/websites that can help you to easily and quickly do your web development activities.

  1. Mongo Playground

Mongo Playground is a simple yet powerful sandbox to test and share MongoDB queries. Sometimes we quickly want to check few queries with sample collections.

For example, you want to test that can you perform an upsert operation on an array of objects in a MongoDB collection. Instead of creating collections and then trying to do queries, you can use mongo playground to quickly create a sandbox and try your queries and also share them with your team members.

There are few limitations though currently in the mongo playground, such as

  • a database can’t contain more than 10 collections
  • a collection can’t contain more than 100 documents

The query capability is also limited. Currently find()aggregate() and update() queries are supported. Hope this project will grow and provide much more features in the future.

If you want to check out the source code the GitHub repository for this project is provided below. If you find this useful and can extend it please do so.

2. Comma Quote — The Online Comma Separator

Many times we want to query the database with a bunch of lists of values/ids like user ids. After getting this bunch of ids, I want to make a query by providing this list of ids in comma-separated ids.

select * from users where id in (1,2,3)

Often this is a very big list and separating them with a comma (,) is very boring and time-consuming. Thankfully there is an online tool that can help you with this and save some precious time.

This can also help you with adding Quotes in the ids (helpful for the MongoDB Ids). You can choose to add a single quote and a double quote.

3. Regex

If you are not well versed with the regex that's awesome. But like me you also struggle with regex, coming up with a simple regex is also a pain. Mostly StackOverflow can give help you with some regex like email, mobile number, etc.

But when you need a custom regex it’s hard to come up with one, and more often than not we waste a lot of time building one. Searching for regex like this on google one fine day a came across a wonderful site for understanding as well as building the regex.

Give it a try this will surely help you with regex.

4. (JavaScript)

If you want to quickly want to write and test a quick JavaScript snippet. Playcode is awesome to use. Sometimes I get code snippets from Stackoverflow and want to quickly modify and run to see whether it works for me or not. I just avoid putting it in code modifying it and then run the application and see if it's working as expected.

I just simply use play code to do this. It runs the code on the fly.

5. Comparing two Lists/code/text

At work sometimes we encounter scenarios where we need to compare two lists or two texts to see what is the difference. If it's small you are lucky, but if it's a little big it's very tedious(boring I would say) to compare the list and come up with differences.

Once I wanted to compare the .env file of the two environments and check which env variable is missing and different. Going through all the variables and finding the difference was something very tedious for me.

I started looking for some tools to help me with this and came across the listdiff tool.

You can provide two lists and see the difference in a very neatly and smartly designed site.

So these were a couple of tools/sites that I use regularly on my work and save some precious time and speed up my development.

Hopefully, I will add more tools like this as and when I stumble upon them.

Thanks for reading. If you have some feedback, please provide your response or reach out to me on Twitter or Github.

Happy Coding!!!


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