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How to mine pancake swap using your Laptop/Desktop

In this post, we will talk about how you can mine pancake swap using your laptop or desktop. What is pancake swap you ask? Pancakeswap is a decentralizaed DEX where you can Trade, earn, and win crypto on the most popular decentralized platform in the galaxy, you can Trade any token on Binance Smart Chain in seconds and you can earn passive income with your CAKE tokens. You can read more about it from Get Started! Step I: Getting a crypto wallet You can start with  Metamask  as a crypto wallet. Go ahead and download the Metamask as a chrome extension. Download Link: Once installed let's set up the Metamask account. Metamask Get Started Screen Click on  Get Started  button, and you should see the following screen. Metamask create wallet screen Click on  Create a Wallet  button. Metamask I Agree Screen Click on  I Agree  button. Metamask create password Provide a strong password and click  Create  button. Metamask Secure

Tools that can make your development life easier

In this post, we will look into some lesser-known tools/websites that can help you to easily and quickly do your web development activities. Mongo Playground Mongo Playground  is a simple yet powerful sandbox to test and share MongoDB queries. Sometimes we quickly want to check few queries with sample collections. For example, you want to test that can you perform a n  upsert operation on an array of objects in a MongoDB collection. Instead of creating collections and then trying to do queries, you can use mongo playground to quickly create a sandbox and try your queries and also share them with your team members. There are few limitations though currently in the mongo playground, such as a database can’t contain more than 10 collections a collection can’t contain more than 100 documents The query capability is also limited. Currently  find() ,  aggregate()  and  update()  queries are supported. Hope this project will grow and provide much more features in the future. If you want to c

Free to use tools for maintaining your OpenSource projects

In this post, we will talk about how to effectively maintain your OpenSource projects using tools/softwares which are free to use for OpenSource and the public repositories. Over time, when the project grows you, need to set up a few tools which can help you maintain the project and automate the trivial tasks. 1. Setup CI/CD Having an OpenSource project to which you might b e  contributing just as a hobby, but doesn’t mean you don’t need to set up CI/CD pipeline. You don’t need to expend a single dime on servers or need to use cloud services to run your CI/CD. There are a lot of CI/CD tools available free for open source projects and public repositories. One such tool is  Travis CI  which you can use for setting up CI/CD for your project. Travis CI Travis CI You can run test cases and deploy code to your servers. Travis CI works great and easy to set up the CI/CD pipeline. 2. Code Analysis and Code Quality Maintaining code quality as the project grows can be very hard and time-consumi

Flutter: How to take Screenshot of the screen or widget and save as image

Introduction: In this post, we will discuss how to take a screenshot of the widget and save it as an image. Let’s take a use case where we need this functionality. Here is an app to read quotes in a beautiful background. quote app class MyHomePage extends StatefulWidget { MyHomePage({Key key}) : super(key: key); @override _MyHomePageState createState() => _MyHomePageState(); } class _MyHomePageState extends State<MyHomePage> { List<Quote> _quotes = [ Quote( content: "Friendship is Love without his wings!", author: "Lord Byron", image: 'quote-1.jpeg') ]; String _currentImage = 'assets/img/image1.jpeg'; initState() { super.initState(); } @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { return Scaffold( body: Stack( children: [ Container( decoration: BoxDecoration( image: DecorationImage( image: AssetImage('assets/img/placehol