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Visualising Your Google Location History

Step 1: Download Your Google Location History First, you need to download your location history data from Google. Follow these steps to get started: Go to Google Takeout : Visit Google Takeout to begin the process. Select Location History (Timeline) : Make sure to select the “Location History (Timeline)” option. 3. Export Your Data : Google will compile your data, which might take some time. You will receive an email once your data is ready to be downloaded. 4. Download the Data : Follow the instructions in the email to download your data. Step 2: Extract the Downloaded File Once you’ve downloaded your data, locate the file and extract it. The location data will be in a JSON file at the following path: takeout-202XXXXXTXXXXXXZ-001/Takout/Location History (Timeline)/Records.json Step 3: Convert JSON to CSV To make the location data usable, we need to convert it from JSON to CSV format. Although you can convert it to KML or geoJSON formats, we’ll focus on CSV for this post. 1.  Clone th